Activate solver in excel 2010 mac

What is Excel Solver?

To define our linear programming problem for the Excel Solver, let's answer the 3 main questions:. The next thing for you to do is to calculate the total quantity shipped from each warehouse G7:G8 , and the total goods received by each customer B9:E9.

You can do this with simple Sum formulas demonstrated in the below screenshot. To make our transportation optimization model easier to understand, create the following named ranges:. Please pay attention that we've chosen the Simplex LP solving method in this example because we are dealing with the linear programming problem. If you are not sure what kind of problem yours is, you can leave the default GRG Nonlinear solving method. For more information, please see Excel Solver algorithms.

How can we improve Excel for Mac?

Click the Solve button at the bottom of the Solver Parameters window, and you will get your answer. In this example, the Excel Solver add-in calculated the optimal quantity of goods to deliver to each customer from each warehouse with the minimal total cost of shipping:. When solving a certain model, you may want to save your Variable cell values as a scenario that you can view or re-use later. For example, when calculating the minimal service cost in the very first example discussed in this tutorial, you may want to try different numbers of projected clients per month and see how that affects the service cost.

At that, you may want to save the most probable scenario you've already calculated and restore it at any moment. Saving an Excel Solver scenario boils down to selecting a range of cells to save the data in. Loading a Solver model is just a matter of providing Excel with the range of cells where your model is saved. The detailed steps follow below. At the same time, the Solver Parameters window will show up where you can change your constraints and try different "what if" options.

This is how you can use Solver in Excel to find the best solutions for your decision problems. And now, you may want to download the Excel Solver examples discussed in this tutorial and reverse-engineer them for better understanding. I thank you for reading and hope to see you on our blog next week. The processing times per unit for each operation and total available hours per month are as follows:.

Formulate a linear programming model and use Excel Solver function to suggest the best mix of products which would result in the highest profit within the given constraints. I managed to solve the problem that you posted albeit some understandings I have changed to suit the scenario. Post your email ID and I will post the excel file to you asap. I created a workbook for scheduling hours for employees working at a movie theater for 1 week.

I need to have a certain number of employees for each day of the week, but I need to deal with their timeoff requests.

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And some of my employees are fulltime and some parttime. The timeoff request says "Can't work Saturday". I need to write a constraint based on those entries, add constraints so that employees are not scheduled to work on days when they are unavailable to work. How do I write a constraint to cover this?

Dear Cheusheva I have tried my best to study your instruction and practice with my problem but I fail to come to an acceptable result. I hope you help me. Best regards. He has operated the business since June and after operating it for 6 months, he has realised that in certain months, the sales revenue is sufficient to cover the operating expenditures, while for certain months the sales revenue is not enough to cover the operating expenditures and he has to rely on his personal savings to tide through.

It is now the last week of December and he realises that moving forward, it is better for his business to have access to loan facility from the bank to ease out his operation. However, he is unsure of which loan package to sign up and has approached you, a close friend, to help him as you are trained in financial planning. To perform the analysis, you have requested Mathew to give a projection of the sales revenue and operating expenditures for the next twelve months. However, since all expenditures must be paid in full by the end of every month, Mathew may be short on cash in some months until he sees the big sales in certain months, e.

June and December.

Solver function in Excel for OSX 2016 (ISDS 361B)

Early-pay-back is not allowed and Mathew can get an annual loan in January only. Early-pay-back is not allowed and Mathew cannot get a monthly loan in December. He needs your help to determine whether he should just take up the annual loan with effect from January, or a mixture of both types of loan facilities.

Assume that Mathew has zero cash balance at the beginning of Can someone help please?

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Thank you. I tried the Magic Square one with my students and we were not able to solve it as directed. We received error messages, such as "An AllDifferent Constraint must have either no bounds, or a lower bound of 1 and and upper bound of N, where N is the number of cells in the Constraint. Can anyone help with this? Hi Michelle, To figure out the source of the problem, you can download our sample workbook and compare our Magic Square model with yours.

I have a problem with production scheduling. We have three wire cutting machines and 90 different tools for contactor crimping and seal application automotive harness business that are being used on these machines as active processing parts for the different wires and other harness components.

How to add Solver to Excel

Operation on each of the machine is similar except that combination of tools is different, first the machine unroll the wire form the spool, then it cuts the wire on a predetermined length, then applies a seal water protection and then crimp a contactor. There are operations where we use two seal applicators and crimping tools on a single machine, so both ends of the wire are sealed and crimped.

The combination depends on the wire cross-section, seal specification and contactor specification crimp parameters vary based on the client specification. Goal - is to prepare the production plan with minimum change over of the tools and eliminate the situations when the tools are needed on more than one machine. The replanting has to be flexible, even daily. Some tools are available in more than one unit two three.

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The changeover of applicators is longer than for crimping tools 1. Would be good to have a tip how to solve this complex task. Hi everyone, i am Silvana Pantic, from Slovenia, am so glade coming back to this great forum to testify about the help i received from Credit-Suisse Loan Film. I was in desperate need of a loan in other to be free from debt and financial bondage that was place on me by my ex husband. It was really bad that i have to seek for help from Friends,family and even my bank but on one could assist me because my credit score was really bad.

A theatre company needs to determine the lowest cost production budget for an upcoming theatre show. Specifically, they will have to determine the lowest which set pieces to construct and which pieces must be rented from another company at a pre-determined fee. The time available for constructing the set is two weeks after which rehearsals commence.

The set design requires 20 walls, 2 hanging drops with pained scenery and 3 large wooden tables serving as props. The number of hours required for each piece for carpentry and painting is given below. Carpentery Painting Walls 0. How many of each unit should be built by the theatre company and how many units should be rented to minimize costs? E-mail not published.

What is Solver in Excel? How to add Solver to Excel The Solver add-in is included with all versions of Microsoft Excel beginning with , but it is not enabled by default. In the Excel Options dialog, click Add-Ins on the left sidebar, make sure Excel Add-ins is selected in the Manage box at the bottom of the window, and click Go.

These changes may give you a greyed-out SolverStudio editor window, or an editor window showing at a strange location. This can happen if SolverStudio crashes, or something else goes wrong.

3 Easy Ways to Use Solver in Microsoft Excel - wikiHow

Installing SolverStudio from behind a proxy servers can be a bit problematic. We spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to do it and it turned out the problem was that the installer tries to fetch another installer for Visual Studio Tools for Office VSTO Runtime from the Microsoft Web site that is a pre-requisite.

This can sometimes fail without giving any helpful error message. This error can sometimes also be fixed by installing as Administrator. We suggest you manually instal the full. Many thanks to Daniel Frances from the University of Toronto for testing this in his labs. It is important to copy the SolverStudio files into either Program Files or, if you are running a 32 bit Office on a 64 Windows, into Program Files x86 ; putting them into the wrong program files folder will cause SolverStudio to fail.

Example Models: The download includes sample workbooks that show many of the features.

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