Word 2011 mac autorecover file location

Did you forget to save that document? Try these tips to retrieve it

Your Method 2 worked for me and saved me many hours of lost work. Thank you!!

This is the only site that had Method 1 which worked perfectly! You are a god amongst us mere mortals. No other solution worked for me, and I had tried like 3 different file recovery programs. You saved my life. Seriously, thank you so very much for writing this article and sharing your knowledge.

Recover Unsaved Word Documents on Mac (3 Ways)

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How to Recover an Unsaved or Lost Microsoft Word, Excel Document or PowerPoint Presentation ⚕️📖💥

To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. I am in desperate need for your help. I closed an excel file I worked on for hours and am unable to locate it. I know it is in the Office Autorecovery Folder, since I can see it in shaded when I try to "save as" another excel file which was also recovered and is in this folder. I've searched answers on this forum and see that you can supposedly find auto-recovered documents using this path.

However, in my situation, I get stuck in the last step: I am not able to see Office AutoRecovery in the Office folder. Can somebody save me? Posted on Oct 3, AM. I am a novice but I had a version of this problem and found the information at this link incredibly helpful in dealing with how office AutoRecovery is hidden in the current version of OSX.

Hope this helps you. Nowadays, the AutoRecovery-folder is located in an entirely different location on your Mac. The correct path is this :. So if you want to access it, the easiest way to do so is :. Jan 31, PM. Page content loaded. Dec 13, PM in response to lulugingembre In response to lulugingembre. Open Finder. In the left panel, under Favorites, click the house icon next to your computer's name.


Recover files in Office for Mac - Office Support

Drag that folder to your Favorites list so you'll always be able to find it. Open the missing file. Dec 13, PM.

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Jan 21, PM in response to mareynoldsaustin In response to mareynoldsaustin. I can get to my buried folder I turned hidden folders on on my Mac a while back , but there is no "Office Autorecovery" folder under "Office".

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  8. The only folder in that path is "User Templates. I have plenty of files on my machine that I've worked with on off and on.

    Recover an Unsaved Word Document

    There definitely should be some autosaved files somewhere. The one I am currently missing, I'm heartsick about the loss of time and having to redo. Jan 21, PM.

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    6. The above suggestion works! The autorecovery folder does not "exist" here. MLnash's suggestion works, and it will direct you to the autorecovery folder we are all searching for!

      How to Recover Unsaved Word Document on Mac

      Thank you very much, MLnash! I was in tears for half an hour until I found this x x x x. I had been saving my files into that stupid auto recover folder without realising and thought my document were magically disappearing until I realised. I actually love you. My exact scenario described with a solution so simply stated that it took me all of 10 seconds to resolve after reading this. Thanks so much for this article!

      Why do we need to have exactly 1 entry in the middle of the list hidden with an option toggle… seems like a conspiracy to me. Okay, i am trying to find my file, but you say click the finder, then click GO? But I do not see any go button anywhere and i am about to give up on life. Thank you SO much! Thanks again! Yesterday, after an hour of panicking read: crying and cursing and scouring the internet for ways to recover my lost document, I had finally conceded to rewriting it. But this morning, before wracking my brain to conjure blurry mental images of what my document said note: I have nothing close to photographic memory , I decided to give Google one final go.

      And, lucky for me, I found you.

      A better option for auto-recovery of Word on OSX

      Because this article not only saved me an hour and a half at least , but also a lot of self-loathing for not using Google Docs instead of Microsoft Word. Ha these comments make my day! Also how horrible is it that auto recovery is so frigging hard to find??? Glad to hear this worked for you. I think I spent a good hour looking for my document before I thought of searching google for a solution. I was about to go crazy. Thank you sooooooooooo much!!! This was a life saver!

      I am bookmarking this page. I was seriously about to through my computer across my room and start crying. You saved my computer and my tears haha. I remember that horrible feeling allllllllll too well again now! Thank you so much for this. I just spend an hour crying because I lost two days of work. I had saved it-I know because my husband insisted I title it something he thought was important. I tried all the other searches out there and then came across yours and you saved me!!

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      Thank you sooooooooooo much. You have no idea or maybe you do how worried I was that I would have to re-write my entire paper. Haha yes I think I have a small inkling! Thank you so so so so so much! This exact thing just happened to me and I was on the verge of full panic mode. You probably kept a few years on the end of my life. You are a literal lifesaver. Frustration shared. Elation at finding ridiculously hidden file and not having to rewrite it, equally shared!

      Wow you really saved me lol! I had the exact same problem, my file was saved in Autorecovery instead of docs…. I would not have found my file again without you.

      word 2011 mac autorecover file location Word 2011 mac autorecover file location
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