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The KDE desktop is represented by the "plasma-desktop" package and the Xfce desktop by the "xfdesktop" package. Star Labs - Laptops built for Linux. Visit Star Labs for information, to buy and get support.

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Version: -- 8. Always excellent as a diagnostic or stand alone suite, very fast and can be toggled to load ram only with systems that have been corrupted to save data Always in my kit bag. Always carry a very old version just in case as well. Was this review helpful? Yes No. Version: 8. High respect for this distribution or better set of distributions : A lot of things come by default in just I carry this on a 1 GB USB stick with me every time.

Puppy Linux Alternatives & Reviews

How much space should be the savefile? Thus, you can access any application directly from the desktop, and even delete it. Deepin also has its own application center, which is called the Deepin Application Center, with the help of which you can install any software in a few clicks. It also has its own control center, similar to MacOS, even more flexible and powerful than the Ubuntu control center.

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This is a great distribution for a laptop based on ArchLinux. Despite this, it is very easy to install and use, and also fairly stable. Unlike ArchLinux, there is a graphical installer, and this will be a great plus for beginners. Antergos uses a sliding update system, so you will receive updates for all system components and applications as soon as they are available. In addition, the distribution can use AUR to install third-party programs.

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Despite the fact that Peppermint OS is still not as popular as other Linux distributions, it is another best Linux distro for a laptop. It is compatible with cloud applications, consumes little energy, and also has its own software manager, and this makes it stand out among the rest. Peppermint one of the best Ubuntu-based distributions comes with the ability to integrate cloud services. Peppermint comes with a pre-installed Chromium browser and a Dropbox client.

Thus, you can immediately use your laptop after installing the system. Also with Peppermint will be installed Mint application center, update manager, as well as the Nemo file manager. This distribution is similar to the lightweight edition of Linux Mint.

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  6. As in Deepin, it uses its own desktop environment — Pantheon. It has several features, such as the notification area, launching applications, zoom settings, hot corners, and so on. The same as in MacOS. Elementary OS has large number of applications from Ubuntu by default: its own music player, video player and Midori web browser.

    Before You Start: How to Create Bootable USB Flash Drives

    Zorin OS is a great solution. Despite the fact that Zorin OS is intended mainly for desktop computers, it is also the best distribution for laptops.

    ciomarigecoun.ml Here, Wine the Windows startup library is preinstalled by default, as well as the shell for it — PlayOnLinux. In addition, the system comes with basic Windows fonts and the necessary dll files. It is one of the fastest Ubuntu-based distributions. If you like Chromebook and ChromeOS, then you will also like this distribution. It is an actively developed and highly customizable operating system for Chromebooks. The system boots very quickly, unlike other distributions, it is also optimized to save battery and comes with a pre-configured zram instead of a swap partition.

    The distribution supports all programs developed for Linux and Ubuntu, so you do not need to worry about software compatibility, as is the case with ChromeOS. It works on almost all Chromebooks and Chromebox devices. You can find a more detailed list of supported devices on the official site.

    Despite the fact that the distribution is based on Linux Mint, the sliding update system is used here, so you will always receive the latest software.

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