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Scurvy Scallywags Is Out! It’s The Best Musical RPG Match-3 Pirate Game Ever!

Combining your favorite genres, Match 3 and Hidden Object, PrettySnails is a great game the entire family will enjoy playing. Play in a variety of environments and travel this fantasy world as you match your way through levels. Earn gold along the way that can earn you bonuses and special powers to help you progress through the harder levels. A really interesting approach to the genre, with all the Medieval settings and items.

Really enjoyed it, so you will definitely enjoy it too.

Best Match 3 Games for Mac and PC Download - Top 10 List

Click here to get the game Crime Stories: Now, on the brink of despair and hungry for revenge, John sets out to stop Costello once and for all. And you will help! Help Lucy in this colourful Match 3 game to get her 5 stars and enjoy the pure summertime feeling. On the beach and beneath the palm trees many engaging tasks and exciting challenges await you. Earn extra cash in Match 3 levels and Solitaire mini games to make the holiday resort of your dreams come true. Fire, Air, Earth, Water, Light and Darkness are the six elements our universe relies on, but the Gods have asked for another.

Complete a fun varety of puzzles as you follow Eric on his journey to create the 7th element. Halfling Village was once a peaceful place, but tragedy struck when a halfling named Ebbo found a magical artifact and unintentionally brought a terrible war on the village. Unravel the mystery of the Ghost King and save your family in Cave Quest, a fast-paced and exciting Match 3 game! Cave Quest for Mac or PC. Rebuild Athens from the ashes of its destruction in Heroes of Hellas 3: Secure the help of the Heroes of Olympus as you battle an evil god in this incredible Match 3 game.

Gather gold, meet the needs of a ravaged population, and search for legendary lockets that will allow you to summon the gods and appeal to them for help. Dive into this epic story and save the day in Heroes of Hellas 3: Heroes of Hellas 3 for Mac or PC. Misfortune has befallen the magic kingdom again!

10 Best Match 3 Games for Mac and PC Download

A careless charm made the formerly wondrous ancient world overcast, beset with darkness and despair. Four fairies of the elements were deprived of their magic power. Be the hero the kingdom seeks: See my review: Take a fantastical journey across the kingdom. Solve quests, collect rare artifacts, build upgrades, and even craft new items! Traverse huge levels and solve mind-bending puzzle challenges in this innovative new match-3 experience!

Silver Tale for Mac or PC. Ricky Raccoon 2: After his successful treasure hunt at the Amazon River, his next big expedition into the unknown takes him into the heart of Egypt. This unique puzzler has spectacular graphics to go with the thought-provoking gameplay. Use your noggin to create colorful mosaics with these puzzles. Put tiles in the right order or pieces in the correct spots and make cool pictures. If you enjoy graph-style, logic puzzles, then create an amazing image in the Picross game Mystery Mosaics 2. In over levels, you must correctly place the colors according to the numbers on the grid.

Each mosaic is comprised of three colors and you can only fill one color at a time. For those new to this genre, number indicators by the columns and rows of the grid serve as your clues. You place tiles according to those numbers. For instance, if a column has a 3 and then a 2 under it, that row contains three tiles in a row, followed by at least one space, then the other two pieces. When you finish, you can view a nifty mosaic. As a bonus, Mystery Mosaics 2 is story-based; you use your success to build a glorious kingdom. Another game that lets you create neat images is Fairytale Mosaics Beauty and the Beast.

However, this mosaic-creating game is more of a jigsaw puzzle with a twist. You see the finished image and then need to place the pieces correctly to reconstruct it.

Can You Game on a Mac? (2017)

The twist comes with the challenge of assembling the puzzle quickly, accurately, and completely. If you do this, you will receive a key for each of these goals.

Match 3 Games

Earning keys will give you coins to unlock the subsequent puzzles. These games may not fit with the other categories, but they might just suit your puzzle preference. Test your dexterity skills or word-making talents with these neat puzzlers 15 Awesome Puzzle and Brain Teaser Games for Chrome 15 Awesome Puzzle and Brain Teaser Games for Chrome Put on your thinking cap, open up Chrome, and check out these fun and challenging brain teasers. Read More. Impossible Twisty Dots is one way to test your quickness, aim, and reflexes. The premise of the game is simple.

Shoot the dots into the middle dot without hitting another one. Place each dot successfully and move onto the next level. The center dot that you aim for twists or turns and slows down or speeds up without notice. You might be preparing to aim and suddenly, the dot twists — causing you to hit another. When this happens, you must start the level again. Impossible Twisty Dots offers thousands of levels to test your skills. Most will work either on iOS or Android.

Word Wow Big City is a great free Mac game that is part word and part puzzle game. Your goal for each level is to create words with the letters shown in order to move the worm to the bottom of the building.

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The nice part is that the letters do not have to touch, but the catch is that you have limited time. So, plan carefully and select words with letters that will help the little worm. These mobile puzzle collections provide word games, logic puzzles, Sudoku, and more in one easy package for Android and iOS. Read More for fun on the go.

Now you have a huge variety of massive RPGs you can play natively!

best match 3 for mac Best match 3 for mac
best match 3 for mac Best match 3 for mac
best match 3 for mac Best match 3 for mac
best match 3 for mac Best match 3 for mac
best match 3 for mac Best match 3 for mac

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