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Earlier in the week, we responded to an Ask Lifehacker question about some possible uses for an unused Mac Mini. It's a software emulator that can run arcade games like Galaga, Frogger, Pacman - all those games we used to play by sliding a coin into a machine back in the days before we had consoles at home. There are other MAMEs for the Mac out there but this is the only one we've found that's been updated recently.

Even though the instructions below refer to OS X It's almost a reason in itself to even buy a Mac :- Install the 'experimental' edition for all your MAME arcadey goodness. Anthony Caruana. Apr 24, , am. Australian Stories gaming mac. Art Guest. Because it is mame. Join the discussion! Log In. Sign Up. Guest Access. You are starting a new discussion. Cancel Edit. I can vouch for the old version, though.

Classic Arcade Games

Thanks; yes, 0. Seems like the opposite is the case. My next task was going to be to use the new compile options to compile with only the Mac driver target, for a nice stripped-down binary -- but with those regressions confirmed, I think I'll hold off on that. Well that's weird, since while I did get your hang during startup with the current 0. Over here, anyway.

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Do you get the hang with the binary I posted? Ah; I think there was a miscommunication. I only have this problem with the 0. I was just hoping the later builds would be more complete, based on the changelog.

Top 10 Mame Emulators - Play Mame Multiple Arcade Machine Games amin'ny solosaina

Posted: Fri Oct 07, am. Posted: Sat Oct 08, am. Unfortunately, I have no mouse support with my trackpad in full screen. I haven't run 0. As the Readme. Posted: Sat Oct 08, pm. Thanks for your work, I really appreciate it. Posted: Mon Oct 10, pm. Posted: Tue Oct 11, am. From my testing, it appears to be 0. Therefore, whatever caused this bug could probably be found by digging through the changes that were made specifically in version 0.

The entries will grow over time. Disclaimer: Retroarch is still very fluid and experimental from time to time.

How to get M.A.M.E on Mac OS X! App Install & ROM Setup!

It seems hat nightly builds are in line with MAME Warning: Runahead and Highscores - you cannot have both of them! Setup of Retroarch in iOS Two days ago, Attract Mode 2. This is always welcome and worth a post. It's a great piece of software. No post for a very long time - because basically everything works on my Mac as it should be.

Enhancements in my favourite Arcade games stay moderate, but they are all nearly perfect anyway. The 'Scale' values as described below are now in lines and Now I need to head for the new phosphor settings and update the below table for HLSL settings I still do not like the default settings that much.

Below you find the updated table of my current HLSL settings plus the Scale values for the lines and No drivers under MacOSX required. The immediate advantage is that all things are configurable in the MacOS System Settings, and RetroArch automatically assigns the joypad to XBox configuration, which is nice. Further insights will follow, but that's a good thing. It is fully compatible with MacOS Sierra.

No additional drivers required. Build quality is superb, this is a clear recommendation. It is still my favorite joypad for MAME. Also for MAME, it was definitely worth it. Also the installation of Windows 10 via Bootcamp was entirely flawless. Speaking of Mojave - I really love the new Dark Mode. This is the command from the Terminal:.

Modern MESS/MAME/UME with Mac • E-Maculation Forum

High Sierra. I remember January , when I started this Blog. I started this blog based on my own trial and error attempts. Since then a lot has changed to the better. The bright side of things: The official MAME build shines on Macs, and there is really nothing to complain for the dedicated retrogamer. One of the nicest improvement of this year. Attract Mode is my current favorite, it builds nicely from source, and the available themes are eye candy. The mixed picture:. MAME is decent for old school games, but from time to time buggy in my own testing. I am unsure about the stability of the Metal driver of Retroarch, it seems to crash from time to time.

So while I am constantly looking into this, current limitations are too many for a good MAME experience. What about OpenEmu?

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mame plus mac os x Mame plus mac os x
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