Ctrl f2 mac not working

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And you're right, there is no [Control][m] in the Keyboard Shortcuts panel. By Alvin Alexander. Last updated: January 15 About that [Control][M] key Mac Finder - how to open a new Finder window. How to un-hide a hidden Mac OS X window.

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The Mac Finder new folder keystroke command. Mac keystrokes and keyboard utilities. Mac Finder: How to create a new folder from keyboard.

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My favorite Midsomer Murders episode. What do you do for a living? When there is no attachment to the past and no expectation of the future Linux backups: Using find, xargs, and tar to create a huge archive.

I just wish Microsoft would recognize our frustrations and give us a simple solution to standardize function and keyboard shortcut keys. HAVE I?


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This will let you use the F2 key in Excel without dimming your screen. I use all my F keys as standard function keys, but I still have to use the fn key for mute, lower and raise the volume buttons. Yeeeaaaahh buddy!! No worries.

As a heavy PC user, I use this program to remap most of my keys on the Mac to make the transition back and forth easier, particularly on my MacPro. When you try to open a file with the context of an application like Word, Excel, or any other application, the application will pop open an instance of the File Chooser dialog box, which is actually just another view of Finder. So why would you have one usage be Command Open while the other is Enter? Lastly, for anyone who lives by the keyboard, having to use two hands to manipulate the keyboard to select a file is highly highly inefficient, and THAT is truly retarded.


Imagine if in a photo album application, where all of the photo thumbnails were displayed, after you were able to keyboard your way to a particular photo, you had to hit Command-O to open that photo? Again, this is for the heavy super-users. Which would you use for Delete if you didnt have an eject button? Yes, Mac Air.

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How do I get around this? I read that the eject key was hard-wired and that there was no way to remap it to fwd-delete. The noEjectDelay is also fantastic. Excel also works like a charm now. Hey Gregory-using Key Remap for mac and randomly the f2 will switch back to the cut function. What is causing that?

The easiest solution: just replace your Mac keyboard with a standard key layout keyboard with function keys.

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ctrl f2 mac not working Ctrl f2 mac not working
ctrl f2 mac not working Ctrl f2 mac not working
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ctrl f2 mac not working Ctrl f2 mac not working

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